ACRS Covid update – 18 August 2020


Covid-19 presents the most significant impact on supply chains in recent memory. It has forced businesses to examine their supply chains and the means to best maintain them through the resulting disruption, including their ability to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they are consistently supplying products to the required standards.

The ACRS 2-stage certification process has being shown to be one of the most resilient and effective in these emerging conditions, continuing to provide Australasian specifiers and consumers with the necessary confidence in sourcing and supply of construction steel

However, ACRS found evidence of inadvertent error and even active avoidance of supply conditions making assurance of product traceability even more vital now that international access to producing sites is severely restricted.

Local verification by ACRS in Australia (and hopefully soon NZ and Fiji) gives specifiers, procurement bodies and approvals bodies the most effective mechanism available assuring themselves that the steel products that have been specified are the steel products that are delivered, without adulteration or outright substitution

ACRS has amended, or withdrawn some certification and ACRS is working continuously with key international suppliers, institutional stakeholders and through the Australasian market to assess and verify supply. ACRS will be issuing updates and, where necessary alerts, as supply chain conditions continue to evolve.

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